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Group structure

Clipper Group is a privately owned company, established in 1972 as a ship operator. Since then, the company has grown to become an industry leader in dry bulk with substantial investments in other shipping segments as well.

Clipper Group Ltd. is the parent company, which is incorporated in the Bahamas but with main business address in Denmark and subject to full Danish taxation. The core business area of Clipper Group Ltd. is dry bulk shipping.

Clipper Group A/S is a Danish, fully owned subsidiary of Clipper Group Ltd. The primary activities of Clipper Group A/S are ro-ro ferry services on the Irish Sea (Seatruck Ferries).

Clipper Bulk A/S is a Danish, fully owned subsidiary of Clipper Group Ltd. The primary activities of Clipper Bulk A/S are commercial management and administrative services for other companies in Clipper Group.

Clipper Group Ltd. also has local subsidiaries in a number of other countries where we have activities and offices, e.g. the US, Colombia, and Hong Kong.

Clipper and the Bahamas
Prior to 2009, Clipper Group had its headquarters in Nassau on the Bahamas, where part of our management team was located at the time. However, in 2009, Clipper moved its headquarters to Denmark, where framework conditions for shipping companies had improved significantly. Clipper Group Ltd. thereby also became subject to full Danish taxation, and the Danish tax authorities have full insight into our financials.

Clipper Group Ltd. is, however, still corporately registered on the Bahamas, which means that we are not obliged to publish our results. We see this as a competitive advantage.

Today, Clipper Group has a small office in Nassau and we have close cooperation with the Bahamian flag state.

Fast facts

Clipper Group

  • Founded in 1972
  • Operates 150 bulk carriers
  • Handysize, supramax, ultramax
  • Owner of Seatruck Ferries
  • Around 110 employees


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