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Pools for handysize, supramax and ultramax

Five distinct pools and a proven track record on performance

As a pool partner, you can benefit from the pool's critical mass and cooperation on commercial and technical issues. This includes robust risk management and long-term value creation. You will also be offered access to our in-house technical management with Clipper Fleet Management and the best-value-for-money vessel performance monitoring solution COACH.

We have a 20+ years track record to show on pool performance and continue growing our pools within dry-bulk.

Our pools count around 70 vessels in total:

The Logger Pool: 28-32,000 dwt fully fitted loggers
The Trader Pool: 30,500 dwt, grabs fitted
The Emerald Pool: 34-38,000 dwt
The Sapphire Pool: -58,000 dwt, grabs fitted
The Ultramax Pool: 64,000 dwt, grabs fitted 

For more information on our pools, please contact Bjørn Holte Jensen

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