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Cleaning and paint

The way a ship is painted and cleaned, and the paint quality have an enormous impact on the ship’s fuel efficiency. The surface of a ship’s hull significantly deteriorates as paint peels off. Slime, algae and barnacles foul the surface and increase hull resistance and fuel consumption. Also, the propeller roughness increases over time, resulting in higher drag and increased fuel consumption.

Slime, algae and barnacle foul hulls when ships sail at low speed or remain idle for long periods of time. Clipper continuously monitors hull performance and regularly uses diving companies to clean the hull and propeller.

When our ships are dry docked (every 2½/5 years), we repaint them with high quality standard protective coatings (SPC). In some cases, we also give the hull a full blast before painting, thereby reducing the initial hull roughness.

A smooth hull can reduce fuel consumption up to 10-20% compared to a heavily fouled hull.

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